• "To Make Impact"

    We help brands to deliver impactful digital campaigns through precisely crafted content and sets of campaign optimisation procedures.

  • About Us

    Digital Savvy advertising experts believe in the power of content and digital media strategy

    Our Moto

    IMPRESSIO - a name inspired by the basic unit of digital marketing "impression". Being seen and recognised are vital before your brand is able to influence and grow loyalty among your targeted audience.

    It is like touching your audience's hearts and leaving a print; a unique print of your brand with effect.


    In order to make such impact, we believe the success of marketing campaigns is the result of the synergy of creative content, tailor-made media strategy, on-time optimization, insightful data analysis and all-rounded omni-channel experience. Thus we emphasize transparent communication between stakeholders and make sure there are agreed goals and concrete deliverables before kicking off campaigns.


    Based in Hong Kong, we have a strong business focus on regional clients to deliver marketing campaigns in APAC regions with support of local languages in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

    Our Belief

    Specialised on data-driven performance marketing campaigns, we put sustainability as the key for the growth of our clients' business. While we focus on different objectives and strategies according to the stages which our clients' business in, we advise our client on sustainable advertising approaches in order to vamp up the business scale.

  • Our Service

    Integration is the key

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    E-commerce Marketing

    Working with the global platforms and as partner of top e-commerce advertisers in the regions, we have deep understanding on the digital landscape and best practice that can minimize the learning period of your e-commerce business with lowest cost.

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    Data Driven Campaign Planning & Execution

    Being the practitioner of data-driven performance marketing, we utilize various media platforms to maximize the revenue generation in a sustainable approach.

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    Data Analysis & Marketing Automation

    We assess your marketing data and turn them into actionable insights by unified dashboards and reporting. 

    By analyzing the data, we design and develop marketing automation for scalable and sustainable omni-channel strategy.

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    Content Development & Production

    We help international brands to develop original local content or adapt global assets in localized context and culture.

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    Business Consultation & Training

    With our deep media, content and data expertise, we provide strategy consultation to improve your current digital adoption and workflow to achieve your short and long term business goals.

  • Talent Incubation

    We work with education institutions to incubate future digital talents
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